The vijayadasarumembers of the trust are linear descendants of Sri.Vijaya Dasaru and Sri.Mohana Dasaru.

Sri.Vijayadasaru (1682 A.D-1755 A.D) is the Avatar of legendary Sage, Bhrugu Rishi. Sri Vijayadasaru promoted Dwaita philosophy of The Great Sri. MADHWACHARYA through his compositions highlighting Knowledge and Devotion to Lord Vishnu. His soulful compositions are extremely popular and are sung in all religious functions. Among Haridasa lineage, He is highly revered and considered next only to Sri. Purandara Dasaru, who was responsible for his initiation to Dasa Parampare.

In view of the increase in the number of descendants, it was thought
necessary to form a private trust. Though the objective is for charitable purposes, but the trust in question is purely a private trust. The Trust has come into existence for the purpose of bringing transparency in accounting for conducting Nithya Kainkaryas of Mohana Dasaru and Vijaya Dasaru.

Whereas the Trustees herein are by the blessings and divine grace of Sri Vijaya Dasaru and Sri Sri Sathyaatma Theertha Swamiji of Uttaradi Mutt are desirous of establishing a TRUST for the development of Cultural, Religious, Philanthropical, charitable activities of Hinduism and more particularly for the service of Sri Vijaya Dasaru and Mukyhaprana Devaru deity of Chippagiri. Both Sri Vijayadasaru and Sri Mohanadasaru have a large number of devotees. There are a number of followers from all sects of life. They have been donating for the purpose of performing poojas, Aradhanas etc and also for the purpose of improving facilities for devotees who visit the Vijayadasara Katte for performing religious functions. A number of rooms with certain facilities have been built out of donations from devotees. Now all these forms part and parcel of Vijayadasara Katte.